World Wide Suppliers of Industrial Sapphire&Ruby Precision Parts

Sapphire to Metal for Fluidic,Metrology&Medical Components

ISO 9001:2019 Mfg&Managment Certified Companies


We serve demanding customers worldwide.With advanced CMM device and innovative
production techniques & systems integrate latest technologies to meet the evolving
needs of our customers.


We are ISO 9001:2019 certified company supplying miniature industrial sapphire&ruby components to OEM's and distributors across a wide range of medical,semiconductingsensor system and view ports in high temp,corrosion enviroment.

In addition to providing our customers above valueable products and service,we also provide more selection of products and services Our specialized, custom made equipment allows us to meet a wide range of requests and applications requiring ultra-precise tolerances in micron ranges in material

1)Zirconia Ceramic.

2)Allumne Ceramic

3)Fused Silica


Wide component selection including material options to match chemical compatibility and operating condition requirements.

1-Custom services such as customized orifice fittings and kitting,ceramic,repackaging, custom bagging and tubing assemblies.

2-Wide component selection including material options(Zirconia Ceramic, Alumina Ceramic,Glass,Carbide)to match chemical compatibility and operating condition requirements.

3-An on-site Class 10,000 clean room allowing us to provide clean room repackaging and custom sub-assembly production for our medical OEM’s and distributors.