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Optical Applications

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows used for short and long wavelength applications (UV and IR) exceed other optical materials in harsh environments, providing a barrier between elements. This is due to sapphire material’s high mechanical strength, temperature stability, wear resistance and chemical inertness.Other window materials we supply are Quartz, Calcium Fluoride, BK-7

Typical applications:

Industrial and Medical OEM’s
Air and Gas Analyzers/Monitors
High Intensity Xenon Lamps
Cryogenic View Ports
UV and IR Windows and Lenses
Detector and Pressure Cells
Bar Code Readers

utonomous vehicles/ driverless/ Self-driving cars (sapphire windows for radar, camera & sensing units to protect against abrasive damage & Impacts while maintaining optical integrity) 

3D Printing/Additive manufacturing equipment (sapphire components to increase equipment reliability & lifetime in abrasive environments)

Camera lens covers (sapphire windows to avoid scratches and other damage)

Optical Balls Lenses&Hemispheres

We have over 45 stock sizes of Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz, Glass, and Cubic Zirconia balls & hemispheres. Off the shelf sizes from Dia. 005” to .375”, and larger sizes available. We offer Grade 25 off the shelf and routinely supply Grades 5 and 10. Please refer to the AFBMA grade chart for more information on ball tolerances.

Typical Applications:

Fiber Optics LEDs
Flow Meters
Bar Code Readers

Biometric systems for scanning fingerprints (sapphire windows to avoid scratches and maintain optical quality)

Document Scanners (sapphire windows to avoid scratches & other damage to maintain scanning accuracy)

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