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Aeronautical Jewel Applications

Sapphire has excellent optical and mechanical properties that allow it to be used from the UV to IR ranges giving it an advantage over other optical materials. Sapphire is used for its durability and erosion/corrosion resistance, often in combination with the ability to withstand high heat. 

Some of the devices in aeronautical applications that use synthetic ruby jewels include:

Gyroscopes: Synthetic rubies are commonly used as bearings in gyroscopes. Gyroscopes are used in aircraft to measure angular velocity and orientation.

Accelerometers: Synthetic rubies are also used as pivot points in accelerometers, which are used to measure acceleration in aircraft.

Mechanical Watches: Synthetic rubies are used as bearings in mechanical watches to reduce friction and wear.

Aircraft Instruments: Synthetic rubies are used as wear-resistant components in various aircraft instruments, such as altimeters, airspeed indicators, and attitude indicators.

Overall, synthetic ruby jewels are commonly used in precision instruments that require high accuracy and reliability in harsh environments, such as those found in aeronautical applications.

Typical Applications: 


FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) Systems 

Infrared Countermeasure Lamps 

Salt Sand Blowing Environments 

Fire Flame Sensors for Aircraft 

Vibration Sensors 

Instrumentation Aircraft Gauges

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