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Optical Applicaiton

Sapphire optical components are used for their extreme durability and strength in the UV, visible, and near infrared. Sapphire Window and Sapphire&Ruby Ball

It has extremely wide transmission spectrum,high thermal conductivity,low thermal expansion in high temp environments and highly resistant to scratching, abrasions, and a variety of chemical acids or alkalis

We have advanced device and skilled staffs will provide you high quality, optical grade sapphire,. Our standard product line includes Circular Sapphire (Random Orientation).

Medical  Applications

Sapphire rods are widely used in medical devices, accurate machine and inspection instruments, due to its unique properties.

EFG method provides the ability to produce various shapes of sapphire tubes for industrial applications where hardness, scratch proof, corrosion resistance, heat resistant as well as optical properties are required.

Jewel Bearing Applications

The precision miniature sapphire components typically used in instruments, meters, control devices, precision mechanisms where low friction, long life, and dimensional accuracy are considered.

Advantages of synthetic Sapphire Jewel Bearings:
High polish and low friction
Hardness and Shock Resistant
Miniature Size
Close Tolerances, Low Cost
Long & Accurate Wear Life
Resistance to Heat, Corrosion, Distortion
High Dielectric Strength

Also, ruby, ceramic, zirconia, etc. are selected according to the application. 

Application in which sapphire jewel bearings are used is for  Flow Meters, Gauges, Meters, Indicators, Aircraft Instruments, Gyros, Watches, Clocks

Mounting Jewel Bearing
Ring Jewel Bearing
Vee Jewel Bearing 
Endstone Jewel Bearing
Cup Jewel Bearing 
Orifice Jewel
Pivot Jewel Bearing

Semiconductor Applications

Sapphire tubes – replacing quartz, sapphire plasma tubes 

Plasma injector nozzles – sapphire injectors reduce particulation, increase time between PM’s, increased uptime, and reduced COO

Sapphire Chamber windows and viewports – offering very long life and consistent transmission

Heater and Microwave windows – providing high transmission and long life

Sapphire Lift pins and guide/alignment pins – Providing dramatically improves strength with no erosion over time. Dramatic improvement in particle performance over ceramic versions.

Optical light guides and sensor probes – usable to temperatures above quartz devitrification limit, and in hostile chemical environments

Thermocouple protection sheaths – For multi point thermocouples used in horizontal and vertical furnaces.

Gas delivery/showerhead components – long life in aggressive plasma

Base material for LED production

Sapphire is widely used in general lighting products such as LED light bulbs, commercial lighting and industrial lighting for back light,such as TVs, mobile phones, computers and tablets. LEDs are also used for headlamps and brake lights to interior lighting and in-dash lighting of automotive.