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Flow Application

Sapphire materials find pivotal roles across a spectrum of applications in the FLOW domain, leveraging their exceptional properties:

  • Flow Measurement Instruments: Sapphires create precision flow measurement instruments, capitalizing on their wear resistance and chemical stability, both for liquid and gas flow quantification.

  • Pressure Regulators: Sapphire's corrosion resistance and high-pressure attributes make it an ideal candidate for crafting components catering to gas and liquid pressure regulation.

  • Waterjet Cutting: The impact-resistant nature of sapphires makes them valuable in waterjet cutting nozzles, standing resilient against high-speed water streams for accurate cutting.

  • Inkjet Printing: Sapphires feature in inkjet printer heads, benefitting from their hardness and stability to ensure inkjet accuracy and consistency.

  • Gas-Liquid Mixing Control: The creation of mixers and nozzles benefits from sapphires, enabling precise blending of different gases or liquids.

  • Analytical Instruments: Sapphire's thermal stability and corrosion resistance position it well for gas and liquid analysis instruments.

  • Cooling Systems: Sapphire excels in producing corrosion-resistant components for high-temperature cooling systems, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.

  • Spraying Systems: Sapphire's high wear resistance finds its niche in manufacturing robust spray nozzles for agricultural spraying, coating, and cleaning tasks.

  • Liquid Conveyance Systems: Sapphire's corrosion resistance suits liquid conveyance pipelines, guaranteeing consistent fluid transportation.

  • Medical Devices: Sapphire's FLOW involvement extends to medical equipment, such as valve and interface components for infusion systems, capitalizing on its superior biocompatibility and corrosion resistance.

In essence, sapphire materials hold a firm grip on various applications in the FLOW domain, bringing to the table their unyielding hardness, wear resistance, and chemical stability, presenting reliable solutions for fluid control applications.

Optical Applicaiton

Sapphire optical components are used for their extreme durability and strength in the UV, visible, and near infrared. Sapphire Window and Sapphire&Ruby BallSapphire serves a multitude of purposes in the field of optics, leveraging its exceptional optical properties:

  • Lenses: Sapphire lenses find extensive use in various optical systems due to their high hardness and excellent optical transparency. From microscopes to cameras, sapphire lenses provide precision and durability.

  • Windows: Sapphire windows are highly favored for their optical transparency across a broad spectral range, serving as essential components for various optical instruments and sensors, including ultraviolet and infrared applications.

  • Orifice Jewels: In optical fluid control, sapphire orifice jewels aid in precise fluid manipulation, ensuring accurate measurements and controlled flow rates in flow meters.

  • Light Guides and Filters: Sapphire's spectral transmission characteristics make it an ideal material for light guides and filters tailored to specific wavelength ranges, crucial for applications like laser systems and imaging devices.

  • Mirrors and Reflectors: Sapphire's hardness makes it suitable for mirrors in challenging environments, and its optical quality is harnessed in high-performance reflective coatings for laser and optical systems.

  • Prisms: Sapphire prisms play a role in dispersion and beam deflection applications, offering durability and minimal optical distortion.

  • Micro-Optics: Sapphire's small size and precision make it valuable in micro-optics applications such as micro-lens arrays for sensors and microscopy.

  1. Laser Windows: For high-energy laser systems, sapphire windows protect sensitive components while allowing laser beams to pass through with reduced distortion.

  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Sapphire cuvettes are used in fluorescence spectroscopy due to their high transmittance and chemical stability, enabling accurate measurements.

  • Optical Coatings: Sapphire's robustness allows it to endure the deposition of optical coatings, enhancing its reflective or transmissive performance in various optical systems.

  • Optical Substrates: Serving as a substrate material, sapphire provides a stable and durable foundation for thin-film coatings and precision optical components.

In the realm of optics, the combination of sapphire's exceptional optical transparency, high hardness, and thermal stability makes it an indispensable material across diverse applications, ensuring the performance and longevity of optical systems and devices.

Jewel Bearing Applications

Sapphire, known for its exceptional hardness and durability, finds application in various bearing-related industries due to its unique properties. Here are some key areas where sapphire is utilized as a bearing material:

  • Aerospace and Aviation: In aerospace applications, sapphire bearings are employed in critical components such as gyroscopes and navigation systems. The high hardness of sapphire ensures minimal wear even in demanding conditions.

  • Medical Devices: Sapphire bearings are used in medical equipment, particularly in precision instruments like surgical robots and diagnostic devices. The biocompatibility of sapphire is advantageous in medical applications.

  • Industrial Machinery: Sapphire bearings contribute to the efficiency and reliability of industrial machinery by providing low friction, wear resistance, and dimensional stability. This is crucial in high-speed machinery and heavy equipment.

  • Optical Instruments: Sapphire bearings are used in precision optical instruments, ensuring stable movement and alignment of optical components in devices like spectrometers and laser systems.

  • High-Temperature Environments: Sapphire's ability to withstand high temperatures makes it suitable for bearing applications in environments where traditional materials might fail due to heat.
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing: Sapphire bearings are employed in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, where the need for clean and non-contaminating materials is paramount to ensure the quality of semiconductor wafers.
  • Oil and Gas Exploration: In extreme environments such as oil drilling, sapphire bearings can maintain their integrity under high pressures and harsh conditions, contributing to the longevity of equipment.
  • Precision Measuring Instruments: Sapphire bearings are used in precision measuring instruments where minimal friction and high accuracy are required for precise measurements.
  • Scientific Research: Sapphire bearings are used in scientific research equipment such as microscopes and particle accelerators, where their stability and minimal interference are crucial.
  • Jewelry and Watches: In luxury watches, sapphire bearings are employed as jewel bearings to reduce friction and enhance the longevity and accuracy of the timepiece's movement.

Sapphire's properties, including its exceptional hardness, high temperature resistance, and resistance to wear and corrosion, make it an attractive choice for bearing applications where reliability, precision, and longevity are paramount.

Also, ruby, ceramic, zirconia, etc. are selected according to the application. 

Application in which sapphire jewel bearings are used is for  Flow Meters, Gauges, Meters, Indicators, Aircraft Instruments, Gyros, Watches, Clocks

  • Mounting Jewel Bearing
  • Ring Jewel Bearing
  • Vee Jewel Bearing 
  • Endstone Jewel Bearing
  • Cup Jewel Bearing 
  • Orifice Jewel
  • Pivot Jewel Bearing

Semiconductor Applications

Sapphire material finds extensive applications in the semiconductor industry, showcasing its versatility in various aspects:

  • Substrate Material: Sapphire substrates are used as a foundational material in semiconductor manufacturing. They serve as substrates for devices like laser diodes and high-brightness LEDs, providing a stable base for epitaxial growth. Its high thermal conductivity, transparency, and chemical stability make it suitable for high-power and high-temperature applications.

  • Sapphire Windows: Sapphire is employed as window material in lasers, spectrometers, and other devices. Its transparency across visible and infrared spectra makes it suitable for light transmission and collection purposes. Sapphire windows exhibit wear resistance and corrosion resistance, enhancing their longevity.

  • Oscillators and Laser Mediums: Sapphire crystals are utilized as laser gain media and oscillators, particularly in infrared lasers. The excellent optical and thermal properties of sapphire make it an ideal choice for fabricating high-performance lasers.

  • Sapphire Wafer Carriers: In semiconductor wafer fabrication, sapphire wafer carriers are employed to support and protect the fragile semiconductor wafers. They serve to isolate and stabilize wafers during processes while maintaining a controlled temperature environment due to sapphire's high thermal conductivity.

  • High-Frequency Electronics: Sapphire is utilized in high-frequency radio frequency (RF) electronic devices as an insulating material. For instance, it's used as an insulating substrate in RF power amplifiers to improve device performance and reliability

Below are some of the examples for semiconducting applications

Sapphire tubes – replacing quartz, sapphire plasma tubes 

Plasma injector nozzles – sapphire injectors reduce particulation, increase time between PM’s, increased uptime, and reduced COO

Sapphire Chamber windows and viewports – offering very long life and consistent transmission

Heater and Microwave windows – providing high transmission and long life

Sapphire Lift pins and guide/alignment pins – Providing dramatically improves strength with no erosion over time. Dramatic improvement in particle performance over ceramic versions.

Optical light guides and sensor probes – usable to temperatures above quartz devitrification limit, and in hostile chemical environments

Thermocouple protection sheaths – For multi point thermocouples used in horizontal and vertical furnaces.

Gas delivery/showerhead components – long life in aggressive plasma