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Frequently Asked Questions

  •     What is the smallest size Microwork can fabricate?
  •     What tolerances can Microwork hold?
  •     Can sapphire be cast or molded to final shape?
  •     Does crystal orientation should be considered when considering of sapphire    material?
  •     Does Microwork work on prototype quantities?
  •     What materials does Microwork machine?

What is the smallest size Microwork can make?

Microwork is capable of making the mini size to  0.0118"for OD, 0.00118" for ID, 0.002" for thickness and 0.0157" for spheres.Since our work is done by diamond grinding,

we have to have a way to fixture the piece for clean and handle. So some extremely tiny parts pose special constraints.

What tolerances can Microwok can hold?

Our standard tolerance is +/- 0.004" for general shaping ,0.000118" for orifice and 0.000197" for thickness.However,the actual limits to the attained precision depend on variables
like the machine tool used, the shape and size of the part, and the sequence of operations needed to complete the work.We are glad to discuss with you about desired tolerance
and more often,we present constructive suggestion regarding practical limitation and cost considerations.

Does Microwork sell ceramic (or glass or sapphire) in bulk?

No, we only machine the material,neither produce any materials, nor stocking for resale.We  purchase materials from qualified and reliable material supplier,or from some famous brand which
customer specially requested.

Can sapphire be cast or molded to final shape?

Sapphire cannot be molded and cast,it has a hardness to 9 Mohs,which is the 2nd hardest material next to diamond so far,  it is created by melting aluminum oxide (Al2O3) at 2040°C and then encouraging crystal growth with a seed and careful control of the environment. There are several unique methods for growth, with varying levels of resultant quality, size, and cost.

The most commonly growing method is Czochralski(CZ),which we used for machining right now,allow the highest optical quality, called "boule",it is entirely machined into useable shapes and sizes.

Does crystal orientation should be considered when considering of sapphire material?

Sapphire has a feature of “birefringent” which is a refractive feature that offsets wave transmission up to 0.8% at right angles to the optic axis. Birefringence is eliminated along the optic or C-axis. C-axis sapphire should therefore be specified to avoid birefringence for certain applications

Does Microwokr work on prototype quantities?

Microwork is happy to accept small lot or even single piece orders as well as mass production. Frankly to say, the single piece prices will be higher because a production launch and handling costs can’t be distributed over a larger base. Small quantities may also preclude use of larger, more automated machine tools. Our long term relationship customers always start with small order,and finally to big orders, so small orders are always welcome.

What materials does Microwork machine?

Sapphire machining was all accomplished through a diamond grinding process, the only practical method to machine complex shapes using this material. Though painstaking,extremely accurate. we also accepting work fabricating other extremely hard technical ceramic materials such as alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, among others, as well as glass that included quartz and fused silica. Please visit our materials webpage for a list of materials we have worked on in the past with links to specific material properties.