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Jewel Bearing Applications

Jewel  bearing works with an unlubricated metal shaft spins in a jewel-lined pivot hole. The hole is typically shaped like a torus. In operation, the shaft tilts slightly to contact the jewel pivot hole at two opposite points. The shaft rolls inside the bearing(not sliding). As the shaft rolls, the center precesses.

A cap jewel and a pierced jewel form a conical pivot.

Unlike the cylindrical pivot, the conical pivot uses the cap jewel to determine end-shake of the wheel pinion. This arrangement provides lower friction than the single-jewel cylindrical pivot arrangement. Usually, friction on the conical pivot occurs only at the tip of the pinion on the lower cap jewel or, in a vertical position of the watch (a horizontal position of the pinion) on the thin edges of the holes in the two pierced jewels.

The conical pivot is usually used on the balance wheel on the escape wheel. The balance (and, when provided, escape wheel) anti-shock assembly uses a conical pivot with cap and pierced jewel.

ynthetic Sapphire Jewel Bearings and Ruby Bearings have the following advantages:

High polish and low friction
Hardness and Shock Resistant
Miniature Size
Close Tolerances, Low Cost
Long & Accurate Wear Life
Resistance to Heat, Corrosion, Distortion
High Dielectric Strength

Typical Jewel Bearing Applications: 

Flow Meters,
Aircraft Instruments, 
Gyros, Watches, Clocks

Mounting Jewel Bearing
Ring Jewel Bearing
Vee Jewel Bearing
Endstone Jewel Bearing
Cup Jewel Bearing
Orifice Jewel
Pivot Jewel Bearing

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