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Sapphire Piston

Sapphire Pistons are a consumable part of the HPLC pump and should be replaced on a regular preventative maintenance schedule.

It offers optimal concentricity and resistance to wear.  The rod tolerance is tightly controlled during the machining process, resulting in a piston with maximal resistance to breakage and superior wear characteristics. The sapphire rods are attached to ferrules (generaly with high standard stainless steel)using a proprietary process that provides maximum control over concentricity, an important parameter that has a direct effect on seal lifetime.

Diameter (D) from 0.381mm to 25.0mm
Tolerance of "D" 0.005 to 0.025mm
Length (L) 10.0 to 100.0mm
Tolerance of "L" +/-0.05mm to +/-0.1mm
Surface Roughness Working Surface: Rz0.01-Rz0.2, end surface: Rz3. 2
Materials Synthetic CZ/KY sapphire

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