World Wide Suppliers of Industrial Sapphire&Ruby Precision Parts

Sapphire to Metal for Fluidic,Metrology&Medical Components

ISO 9001:2019 Mfg&Managment Certified Companies


We serve demanding customers worldwide.With advanced CMM device and innovative
production techniques & systems integrate latest technologies to meet the evolving
needs of our customers.

Contact Details

Chonghong Industries(Microwork)Ltd.

1803,2006,Huachuang Intl Commerce Building

Honghuang 10th Road Jiangbei District 

Chongqing China 400020

Tel: (0086-023) 67937146
Fax: (0086-023) 89119130 

About Us

Chonghong Industries(Microwork)Ltd. is one of the branch companies of Chonghong Industries Ltd (A family business group specialized in wire&cables,metal hardware and ultrahard material componentes founded in 2004 in China)

Microwork has been dedicated in the distribution of manufactured precision components(mainly single crystal sapphire&ruby material) to OEM's  in fluidic,metrology,medical,semiconducting,optical, electrical,chemical industries made from industrial sapphire&ruby,ceramic and glass material.

What We Do?

-With more than 20 years of customer supporting experience on R&D through production, deliveries, supply chain management.

-Our engineer team will analysiz customer's initial design and present a better reasonable solution if possible.From R&D,prototyping,sampels approval,to full production run, we work closely with our clients to achieve total solutions. Out team of customer service engineers serve a world-wide clients, meeting your requirements via our plants.Thus, clients can:

    Increase product reliability
    Shorten development time
    Decrease manufacturing cost

-As an ISO 9001 certified company,all incoming and outgoing products undergo rigorous inspection processes by QA, with traceable to ensure the high level of quality and consistency.

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