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Check Valve Cartridges for HPLC

Ruby Ball+Seat type check valve(CV) is the  critical components for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Pump

In an HPLC pump, the check valve is responsible for controlling the flow of solvent through the pump. The Ruby ball+seat type check valve is a type of check valve that is commonly used in HPLC pumps. The valve consists of a ruby ball and a precision machined seat. The ruby ball sits on top of the seat and forms a tight seal to prevent backflow of the solvent.

The Ruby ball+seat type check valve is preferred over other types of check valves due to its superior sealing properties, reliability, and long lifespan. The ruby ball is extremely hard and has excellent wear resistance, which makes it ideal for use in high-pressure applications such as HPLC pumps. The precision machining of the seat ensures that the ball fits snugly and provides a tight seal, which prevents leaks and ensures consistent flow.

The use of Ruby ball+seat type check valve in HPLC pumps is critical because it ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the separation process. Any leakage or variability in flow rate can lead to errors in the analysis, which can have serious consequences. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the check valve is crucial for the performance of the HPLC pump.

In summary, Ruby ball+seat type check valve is a critical component in HPLC pumps that ensures the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the separation process. Its superior sealing properties, reliability, and long lifespan make it an ideal choice for high-pressure applications such as HPLC pumps.

This check valves are critical to the performance of HPLC pump,it acts as a sealing

It is a one-way valve allows fluid through in only one direction by preventing backflow and ensure maximum pumping efficiency

 Critical check valve attributes requirement depends on customers specific applications,parts major attributes are as below

    Ball and Seat Material

    Ball and Size Grade

    Ball Height

    Ball Movement

    Sealing Surface of the Ball Seat


We have rich experience in producing this check valves and we are glad to provide customer cost-saving and  reliable quality replacement parts for HPLC.