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Medical Applications

Sapphire is widely used in surgical systems for its laser transmission, high resistance to heat and non-thrombogenic properties.

Surgical systems are used in medical procedures to diagnose, treat or alleviate various health conditions. The use of sapphire in surgical systems is primarily related to its unique physical and chemical properties, which make it an ideal material for certain medical applications.

One of the main applications of sapphire in surgical systems is as a component of laser systems used for surgical procedures. Sapphire is an excellent material for laser transmission, which means that it can transmit laser light without significant loss of energy or degradation of the beam quality. This is important for surgical procedures that use lasers, as it allows for precise and efficient delivery of laser energy to the target tissue.

Sapphire is also highly resistant to heat, which makes it suitable for use in surgical instruments that generate high temperatures, such as electrosurgical devices or cauterizing tools. Sapphire's non-thrombogenic properties, which means that it does not promote blood clotting, make it useful in applications where blood contact is unavoidable, such as in implantable medical devices or blood-contacting components.

In addition to these specific applications, sapphire may also be used in other components of surgical systems, such as windows for endoscopes or lenses for medical imaging devices. Overall, sapphire's unique properties make it a valuable material for a range of surgical applications where precision, efficiency, and biocompatibility are essential.

Sapphire  Tapered Tips for Dental Instruments
Typical Applications:

Endoscope Lenses
Laser Hair Removal Systems
Blood Cell Counters

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