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High Precision Bore Honing Machining

With advanced Swiss hone bores machine,we machine ultra hard material including sapphire,ruby.ceramic and steel bore sizes from 0.10 to 0.80 mm. It is possible to mount long single parts as well as multiple short parts. Depending on the workpiece geometry the parts are cast into a quill shaft or a mechanical clamping fixture is used.

Part OD:up to 10 mm (customized solutions for bigger ODs are available)

Bore Size Range:0.04 – 0.800 mm

Maximum part or arbor length: 200 mm

Workpiece specifications

Material:Zirconium oxide/Sapphire and Ruby

Inner diameter:    0.90 mm

Outer diameter:    1.302 mm

Length: 10.1 mm

Honing process data

Achieved tolerances (diameter)    0/+0.004 mm

Material removal    0.6mm

Number of pieces / clamping (=1 group)    85

Cycle time (group)    30 minutes

Cycle time (workpiece)    21 seconds

Contact Us for details when you request high precision sapphire&ruby bore parts,we are expert on it!


                                                                                         Submitted on Mar.9.2021