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T shaped Step Optical Sapphire Window

Tapered sapphire windows, or plugs, are excellent for high pressure applications. We provide the precise dimensions you require to match your intended housing with near perfect accuracy.

Items/Grade Precision Standard
Size Range Diameter 3mm to 200mm, 3x3 to 200x200mm, customized available
Thickness 5mm to 50mm , customized available
Size Tolerance +/-0.05mm +/-0.10mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.025mm +/-0.05mm
Step Tolerance +/-0.10mm +/-0.10mm
Edge ground ground
Chamfer/Bevel 0.25*45° 0.25*45°
Flatness 1/4 lambda per inch @633nm 1 lambda per inch @633nm
Parallelism 30 arc sec 3 arc min
Surface Qulitity 20/10 60/40
Clear Aperture >85% >85%
Coating anti-reflective coating, customized available
Material CZ sapphire, KY sapphire, HEM sapphire ( C-CUT, A-CUT, R-CUT )

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