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Custom Windows

With advanced 5-axis CNC,we have capabilities to provide nearly any shaping imaginable.we can shape, grind, and polish your sapphire windows all in one house to provide excellent cost savings. Shaped radiused corners or steps are no issue for our custom sapphire shaping department.Microwork's quality control standards and registration allow us to work with any industry.

Choices of Crystal Orientation

Crystal orientation determines the characteristics of sapphire windows. The choice of crystal orientations depends on many factors e.g. birefringence, thermal expansion, lattice constant and other crystal orientation dependent physical properties.
For example, C-plane sapphire is slightly birefringent. Sometimes specifized as 'zero degree', or 'c-cut'. In a window, the optical axis of sapphire should be perpendicular to the plane of the window. Most sapphire windows require low birefringence, so C-plane is typical recommended.

Microwork offers complete solutions for sapphire windows fabrication, including shaping, grinding, drilling, polishing.

We have the capability to design tools, metrology fixtures, test fixtures and assembly frames for precision fabrication.

We have sophisticated metrology equipments enable us to fabricate and measure sapphire windows with high level of precision.

We have the ability and experience to perform production runs from prototype to large quantities.

We have basic manufacturing equipments, detailed program management, consistent and well-controlled manufacturing processes, and well-designed tools to guarantee volume production.