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Zinc Selenide Window

Zinc selenide is a yellow transparent polycrystalline material with a crystalline particle size of approximately 70 μm and high transmittance in the 0.5-15 μm wavelength band, which is commonly used in thermal imaging, infrared thermometry, as well as in medical systems and industrial thermal radiation.

With its low absorption coefficient and high tolerance to thermal shock, zinc selenide is the best optical material for high-power CO2 laser systems. It is only 2/3 as hard as multispectral ZnS, is soft and prone to scratching, and has a high refractive index, so it needs to be coated with a high hardness antireflective film to protect it and achieve a high transmittance. Scattering is very low in its usual spectral range. The use of high power laser devices requires strict control of absorption and internal structural defects, the use of minimally damaging polishing techniques and the highest optical quality coating processes.