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Sapphire Tube

Sapphire tubes and Sapphire injectors for Semiconductor,offering extremely high purity and long life. replace quartz and ceramic.In addition,sapphire tubes are can be widely used in various analytical instruments,such as lamp applications that transmit visible, infrared or ultraviolet light, often with high intensity at high temperatures and pressures. Sapphire has proven to be an enabling technology to expand the use of aggressive process chemistries,These function is not possible with quartz and ceramic components.

Main Specification (in mm)

1.ID: Φ20.00 ~ Φ200.00       (custom available)
2.ID Tolerance: 0.004 ~ 0.05
3.OD: Φ10.00 ~ Φ180.00      (custom available)
4.OD Tolerance:0.004 ~ 0.06
5.Length:10.00~ 250.00       
6.Length Tolerance: +/-0.01
Surface quality: S/D40/20


    High hardness - 9H
    Scratch resistance
    Abrasion resistance
    High mechanical strength
    High temperature resistance
    Good thermal stability
    High optical production rate

Semiconductor Processing

(HPD CVD, PECVD, Dry Etch, Wet Etch)

    Plasma containment tubes
    Plasma applicator tube
    Process gas injector nozzles
    Thermocouple protection sheath (Thermowell)
    Water treatment / cleaning
    Lift pins
    Endpoint detector
    Excimer Corona Tubes

Test and Analytical

    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (NMR)
    Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
    Thermo-optic temperature measurement
    Inline petroleum processing analysis
    Mass spectroscopy
    Biological and chemical sample analysis
    Plugged tubes
    Test tubes

Lamps and Lamp Envelopes

    Electronic Infra-Red countermeasures
    Ultraviolet sterilization
    High-intensity lamps

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