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Single Vee Shaped Guide Jewel

A single Vee shaped guide jewel is a type of jewel bearing used in precision instruments, such as watches and measuring devices, to provide low friction movement and accurate positioning of rotating components.

A jewel bearing is a type of bearing that uses a small gemstone, such as ruby or sapphire, as the bearing surface. The gemstone is typically shaped into a precise shape, such as a Vee or a flat surface, and mounted into a metal housing. The bearing is then used to support and guide the rotating component, such as an axle or pivot.

The single Vee shaped guide jewel is a specific type of jewel bearing that has a V-shaped groove cut into the gemstone. This groove provides a low friction surface for the rotating component to ride on, which helps to reduce wear and increase accuracy. The V-shape also helps to provide some stability and control for the rotating component, which can be useful in applications where precision positioning is important.

The use of single Vee shaped guide jewels can provide several benefits in precision instruments, including low friction movement, high accuracy, and long-lasting performance. These bearings are commonly used in mechanical watches, measuring devices, and other precision instruments where accuracy and reliability are critical.


Air jets 
Medical applications 
Gas burners 
Water Jets 
Cleaning Nozzles 
Paper-Pulp Industry 
Food-Processing Industry 
Air Cushions 
Valve seats 
Ink Jets

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