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Ball and Seat for HPLC Check Valve Pump

Our Ruby Balls and Seats for High Pressure Check Valves are used in liquid chromatography pumps(such as HPLC).Ball valve and seat for HPLC is one of the critical components for the HPLC device. In an HPLC device, the check valve [inlet & outlet]prevent the flow from a high-pressure area into the low-pressure area so that  a continuous flow goes through the column at high pressure.

The ball valve and seat for HPLC are continuously under high stress at high pressure. So it is very important that the check valve to be highly reliable to ensure the good performance for HPLC device.

Each ball and seat is precisely manufactured and 100 % tested to guarantee proper sealing. All balls and seats are tested and packaged in our class 10,000 clean room.

Standard quality is defined in two categories: (Contact us for more details)

[1]0 to 3 bubbles per minutes

[2] 0 to 10 bubbles per minutes

Material can be sapphire or ceramic

Our ISO 9001 QA system ensure the full traceability of the material from the raw material stage to the finish products.

We also provide custom check valve as per customer's drawing design and specifications. Compare with famous brand.We also provide reliable  but more cost-saving products for customers