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Drilled Ruby Ball

We supply  precision ruby balls with drilled holes, including balls with holes through them, balls with blind holes which provides an excellent way to mount the drilled ball in an instrument for protective ends, decoration, and contact elements.

Typical Applications:

Metrology Measuring Tips

Probe Tips

A ruby ball is increasingly used as probe in measurement applications in these years. The ruby on a ball probe is made of pure aluminum oxide. These probe balls are both exceptionally smooth and impressively hard. Ruby has advantage of high compressive strength paired with high resistance to abrasion. We make precise sphericity(precise at Grade 3 and Grade 5,) ruby to meet various measurement application accurency. Any amount of deviation in sphericity when using a ball probe can lead to a large amount of error in the resulting measurement. The strength and resistance of ruby helps to guarantee that your ball probe can withstand more challenging measurements. Ruby material are proven to be more reliable than other potential material options.

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