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Sapphire Convex Lens

Sapphire plano-convex lenses are suitable for high power, high-pressure applications, and vacuum or corrosive atmospheres. Sapphire material is extremely hard and resistant to corrosion, high compressive strength and a high melting point, and excellent thermal conductivity. Transmission range is from 150 to 5,000 nm

Specifications of Sapphire Convex Lens

  • Diameter: >1.0mm

  • Radius: >1.0mm

  • Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1mm

  • Thickness: >1mm

  • Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1mm

  • Surface Quality S/D: 40/20

  • Focal Length Tolerance: +/- 5% @ 633nm

  • Centration: <3’

  • Clear Aperture: >90%

  • Coating: AR coating